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IT Solutions

Financial Horizon Group Technology (FHTech), in collaboration with our associates, Aurionpro Solutions SPC, promotes customized services for niche market segments

Banking Platform

Our Banking Products and Platforms

Transaction Banking Suite

  • Payment
  • Collections
  • Post Dated Cheque Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Mandate Management (Direct Debit & Credit)
  • Corporate Internet Banking
  • Trade Initiation
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Financial Supply Chain

Internet Banking Suite

  • Retail Internet Banking
  • Corporate Internet Banking

Customer Interactions Suite

  • Retail Distribution Platform
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Queue Management
  • E-Statementing
    Customer communications platform

Smart Lender Suite

  • Commercial Loan Origination
  • Retail Loan Origination
  • Collateral & Limits Management
  • Collections and Recovery

Banking Platform

We are a world-class provider of software and services to the Financial Services Industry

Lending Systems

Providing an end-to-end Loan Origination System (LOS) and Risk Management Platform to Retail, SME, and Corporate customers

Customer Communication Solutions

Streamlining the processes and costs of communicating with customers through electronic bill presentment and marketing campaigns

Payment Platforms

With a web-based front-end and Banking Ops back-end, our Payments solutions handle all aspects of retail and corporate Payments and Cash Management

Digital Banking

Enhancing retail banking experience through Customer Facing Technology and help banks to optimize their business while driving revenues and increasing productivity.

Digital Banking

Offering an unrivalled range of customer touch points that strategically Measures, Manages and Engages the customer's entire journey in a retail outlet.

Optiq - Queue Management System:

OptiQ is a complete customer experience platform infusing real-time branch analytics and dynamic customer intelligence while providing visibility, insight and answers for streamlining customer flows.

Experia - Digital Signage Solution:

The Experia software suite offers unprecedented flexibility & scalability for managing digital displays across the enterprise providing users complete flexibility in managing screen layouts.

Insight - Customer Feedback System:

The Insight suite of customer intelligence platform provides a dynamic set of real- time tools for gathering, tracking and analysing customer responses and helps companies enhance their customer experience.

Iserve - Self-Service Terminal

Iserve includes the most comprehensive range of self-service terminals from Cash and Cheque deposit systems to self-service dispensing mechanisms

Components of Digital Banking

Digital Signage

Engage customers and deliver key messages with interactive "media walls“.

Video Conferencing Enabled Kiosks

Call Centre Integration for customer servicing and 24 hours banking support.

Transaction Kiosks

New Account Opening with debit card issuance, document scanning, Automated KYC, Cash Dispensing and Cash Deposit etc.

Floor jockey & Surface tablets

Migrate to quick service transactions like statement printing, form downloads & cross sell-upsell etc.