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Consulting Services

“We can guide you through the regulatory maze”

Consulting Services

Risk Management & Audit

Enhances the organization’s performance by establishing an optimal Risk Management System, and a defined Risk Policy Manual.

A team of consultants will carry out the process from the planning and designing phase, to the training, implementing and monitoring phase.

Model Validation

Specialize in the process of model validation, and provide banks and other financial firms, a professional analysis of their financial models and systems

Process of model validation covers: Purpose, Inputs, Assumptive inputs, Model output, Description of the mathematical algorithm, Identification of the structural features, Description of code of the model, User documentation, Testing, Assumptions & Review, Nature & robustness of approximations, Extreme value check, Suitability for intended application & others

Treasury Management

Specialize in defining, regulating and implementing its policies, processed and procedures

Services include: Asset Liability Management, Treasury Audit & Treasury System Review

Four pronged approach: Preparatory phase, Field work, Identifying hot spots, Report preparation & submission

Regulatory Compliance

FHC is Specialize in the understanding and implementation of Basel Accords (I, II & III) and have extensive experience

Basel services: Credit, Market & Operational Risk Measurement and Management, Calculation of Regulatory Parameters, Stress Testing, Risk Management Policies, Basel II System Selection Process, Facilitating the System Implementation Process

Policy Review & Development

Offer professional assistance and expert advice to banks and other financial institutions to formulate effective policies and facilitate the establishment of a framework that regulates the functioning of the firms

Specialize in the following policies: Credit Risk, Market Risk, FX Risk, Internal Audit, Data Storage, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Outsourcing, Enterprise Wise Risk Management and Investment & Treasury.


  • Internal Audit
  • Treasury Audit
  • Risk Audit
  • System Audit
  • Basel II and Basel III Audit

Transfer Pricing

Planning: we help in the development of transfer pricing policies and execution of sustainable tax planning

Compliance and Documentation: We help manage risk within the current environment of detailed transfer pricing regulations and sophisticated audit practices

Implementation: we provide advice on developing and implementing policies, procedures and systems for setting, monitoring and documenting inter-company transactions


  • IFRS
  • Complex Derivatives and Contingent Contracts
  • Hedge Accounting

Change Management

  • Creating a vision and case for change
  • Understanding how various sections of change are to work
  • Designing the change project and its management
  • Introducing effective performance management measures
  • Developing effective delivery models

Within change management, we provide the following:

  • Process Review
  • Re-Engineering
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Resource Optimization
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI)

System Review

FHC can help ensure that your IT system implementations meet your business objectives. These services may result from major organizational changes or implementation of new technologies. We provide technical advice on the customized system development projects and/or applications requiring the utmost assurance of data quality and integrity.

Software Consulting

FHC can help your organization anticipate and optimize business opportunities. We perform advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials, banks insurance and more into meaningful information. Driven to solve customer business problems, we work closely with our clients in all stages of research and development to ensure that they derive the most out of new potential opportunities. We employ programmers who are well versed in almost all standard languages like C, C++, R, Matlab, net both in UNIX and Windows. We provide and implement softwares for Treasury and Risk Management.

ESOP & Savings Plan

Develop, design, implement, monitor and settle Employee Savings Plans for banks and other financial institutions

Focus on the following areas: Eligibility and participation, How the plan works, Investment options, Receiving your benefits, What-happens-if scenarios, Administrative information & Islamic Stock Options.