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Financial Consultancy Services

FHC is a Licensed Consultancy Firm with strong networking with banking / financial institutions, major companies & investors

Financial Consultancy Services

Financing Arrangement

Advising SME, Medium, and large corporations in addressing & facilitating the required financing.

Create a comprehensive Credit Application (Corporate Profile, Risk Analysis, Financial Analysis, Facilities Structure, and Project Cash Flow) in compliance with the bank's requirement.

Negotiating on the client’s behalf with banks/financial institutions to secure the best rates & conditions.

Mergers & Acquisition Arrangement

Acts as a financial advisor in M & A deals, assessing the value, structure and terms of the proposed deal.

Develop Business Teasers for potential investors.

Outsourcing of Finance Activity

Provide a trained team to carry out most finance functions for organizations at a lower cost.

Aid in turning your organizations financial data into information that supports senior management in decision making to ensure revenue growth and profitability.

Financial Assessment

Producing a “Know-yourself” analysis on a scientific level for organizations to identify areas of improvement and recommendations.

Help clients derive implement recommendations to gain competitive advantage using their financial data assets and capabilities.

Trade Finance Advisory: LC/LG

Whether you are in the Trading, Contracting, Manufacturing, or any other sectors, FHC Team can assist you in the area of Trade Finance.

Preparation of Business Plans

Create Business Plans for organizations in various industries.

Enhance strategies, research and identify target market, analyze market conditions and competitive position, and create a clear and bulletproof business plan to ensure optimal chances of success.

Business Valuations

Generate Forecast Analysis of financial indicators.

Produce Complex Business Valuations and Sensitivity Analysis.

Provide Financial Advice on improving the company’s value .

Financing Arrangements -SIDF

Advising Industrial clients in addressing their financing requirements.

Managing the full process-cycle with SIDF.

Credit Relationship Management

Attending the Bank’s Quarter & Annual meetings.

Prepare bank requirements i.e. Projects’ Cash-Flow, Financial Assessment, Projection, Valuation, & any other details required by the banks.

Assisting clients in monitoring & meeting Bank’s Financial Covenants.

Consultations Package for Entrepreneurs

Introductory Meeting.

Consulting Sessions.

Guideline Map.

Idea Evaluation.

Market Research.

Cash-flow Statement.

Other Services

Review of Financing Agreements.

Advisory with banks, prospective partner(s), & investors .

Restructuring of Debt.

Organization Restructuring.